Current Playing Directions

Golfers may play in 2, 3 or 4-balls.  Tee times are at 10-minute intervals and must be booked prior to play.


Arriving at the Club
The gate at the rear of the Clubhouse will be open – please enter through this gate and exit using the front gate which will open automatically when approached.

Cars must be parked a good distance from each other - there is plenty of room in the car park to do this safely.  Shoe changing and preparation for golf must be done at your car.

The changing rooms are closed however toilet facilities are located behind the Professional’s Shop.

Please report to the Professional on arrival.  A maximum of 2 golfers will be allowed in the Shop at any one time.  The tee sheet for the day, with times and the names of players will be posted near the Professional shop.

Golfers must proceed to the first tee just a few minutes prior to their allotted tee time.

Please do not congregate by the first tee waiting for your time.

Social Distancing – it is important that we all recognise the need to keep 2m apart in line with the social distancing guidelines set by the government.

Flagstick / Hole

The flag must always be left in the hole.

The hole liner has been changed, and the ball does not drop deep into the hole, so it can be retrieved without touching the cup.

Bunkers & Course Furniture

Bunker rakes have been removed to avoid contamination.

The bunkers will not be maintained to their normal standard and we have created a local rule to allow players to lift their ball in the bunker, level the area using their shoes, and then place the ball back in the same area.

As you leave a bunker please ‘swish’ your strike mark and footprints in the sand with your feet.

Benches have been removed from the course to limit contamination.

Halfway House

The Halfway House will be open to operate a ‘purchase and go’ service until approximately 3.30 pm.  No one should ‘hang around’ this area.

Toilet Facilities

Toilet facilities are available:

             at the rear of the professionals shop

at the Halfway House

12th Hole

These facilities will be monitored and cleansed by staff regularly.

On completion of your round

The air-blower, used for cleaning shoes and equipment, is not in use.

Golfers are asked to leave the Club as soon as their game is completed.

Practice Ground and Putting Green

The practice range and putting green are open for use. To ensure that we have adequate safe space for you must ring the professional to book a space to practice.

A maximum of 6 golfers are allowed on the putting green at any one time.
A separate area will be set aside for those who are practicing / warming up prior to play.
Golfers must consider safe social distance when using these areas
Golf balls will be available from the professional.

Further Information
It is important that we all follow the temporary arrangements provided above;  if they are ignored then it could result in a spread of the virus and could result in the government tightening the restrictions in place, or withdrawing the opportunities for us to play.  The Club have been tasked with making sure these arrangements are upheld and will be monitoring play.  Any infringement or disregard of these arrangements will be dealt with by the Club.

Golfers are asked to stay away from the Club if:-

-          they have travelled abroad in the last 2 weeks

-          they, or anyone they have been in contact with have had the symptoms of Covid-19 in the last two weeks.

-          they have not booked a time to play or practice

-          Golfers should take notice of the Governments advice provided to those who fall into the ‘vulnerable’ categories and consider if they should attend the golf Club.

If there are any changes to these temporary arrangements in the coming weeks, then this document will be updated.